• Mercy Iowa City’s old hospital linens become new garments, blankets for people in need

    IOWA CITY — Terri Lee Doehrmann spends hours sorting through Mercy Iowa City’s linens as a part of her role in the hospital’s linen services department, looking for any wear or tear that would make them unusable. But instead of pitching unusable linens in the garbage, Doehrmann donates them to a ...
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  • Antimicrobial hospital curtain reduces MDRO contamination

    An antimicrobial privacy curtain made with a blend of quaternary ammonium chlorides, or QAC, plus polyorganosiloxane reduces contamination with multidrug-resistant organisms, or MDROs, and the microbial burden compared with a standard curtain, according to researchers. Dry surfaces in hospitals c...
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  • Frequency of Changover or Cleaning of Hospital Curtains

    CHANGEOVER OR CLEANING FREQUENCY OF HOSPITAL CURTAINS   The life cycle of a good quality woven textile is approximately ten years, whereas a disposable polypropylene curtain has a life cycle of between 12 – 24 weeks. Regardless of the curtain type and its antimicrobal properties, the only t...
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  • Flame Retardancy Standards

      Fabrics used in most public spaces (including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, churches, auditoriums, theatres, and more.) is required to be certified as flame retardant. Different countries have different standards about flame retardancy.   UK: BS 5867-2: Flammability test for Fabrics for cu...
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  • Different Types of Flame Retardancy

    Hospital Cubicle Curtains are required to be flame retardant (aka fire retardant or shortened as FR). There are different types of flame retardancy. Temparory flame retardancy (TFR) is maintained by post-woven chemical treatment, either through a flame retardant back-coating or dipping the fabric...
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  • Hospital Linen Supply and Management Services Market

    Driven by the augmenting need for sophisticated and hygienic medical and healthcare facilities, the global market for hospital linen supply and management services is likely to witness a sturdy rise in the forthcoming years. The market, which stood at US$7.4 bn in 2015, is projected to expand at ...
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