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LONGWAY TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. was founded in the year 2008. We mainly supply hospital-related products. 

Longway medical textile includes three categories, namely, Medical Uniforms (lab coats, medical scrubs, nursing suits, nurse sweaters, patient suits, etc.), Hospital Bed Linen (flat sheet, coutoured sheet, pillow case, duvet cover, etc.) and flamme-retardant curtain fabrics (for both cubicle curtain/ privacy curtain or drapery, etc.) Necessary accessories are aslo avaiable.

Medical Uniforms, for both doctors, nurses and patients as well, are supplied in various stylish and comfortable designs for both summer and winter.  This category includes lab coats, overalls, nursing suits, scrubs, nurse sweaters, nurse caps, and decorations such as nurse watch, nurse hair decorations, nurse shoes, etc. Materials for medical uniforms can be pure cotton, or polyester cotton. Besides traditional white color medical uniforms, we also have other pure color nurse uniforms, such as light blue, light green, pink, green, purple, etc. Fabris with painted designs are also options to make nurse uniforms or scrubs.

Hospital Bed Linen fabric comes in various designs. It can be pure colors (bleached white, pink, light green, light blue, etc.),  with checked design, stripes, yarn dyed, or with carton characters for paediatric department. For pure colors bed linens, we can also paint hospital logos or hospital names for customers. Pure cotton hospital bed linen ensures a comfortable experience for patients. Polyester cotton / CVC fabrics are also available.

LONGWAY Curtain Fabric is inherently flame-retardant. Fabrics for cubicle curtain/ privacy curtain is with inherent top mesh part, pure colors. Fabric for drapery, or window curtain are without top mesh, but also inherently flame-retardant.  Jacquard and Embossed designs are available. Tests show that the fabric totally complies with BS 5867-2:2008 Type C performance requirements. The feature remains well after 50 cycles of standard washing (in accordance with BS EN ISO 10528: Automatic machines (Type A) at 75+/-3 degC in ECE detergent with sodium perborate, tumble dry). It can also well meet NFPA 701 flammability requirements.

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